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Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option…

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Ways to attain Business Skills via AR and IoT

Augmented Reality and IoT In this 21st Century, technology has almost seeped in through every part of our lives. From digital gadgets to automated cars, one cannot imagine a life

Neelabhro Saha Neelabhro Saha 5 Min Read

The Devil’s Trill Sonata: A composition to remember

          How the devil crafted the most impressive violin composition  Is it not an overstatement to say that the devil himself

Sreenidhi Sreenidhi 4 Min Read

Career options for romantic individuals

Professions for Romantic Souls Some of us are born romantics. Now, don’t get me wrong. The word ‘romantic’ has nothing

Sreenidhi Sreenidhi 7 Min Read

Environment protectors and their inspiring stories

Environment protectors working for Sustainability in their own, unique ways Today, we say the Internet can do anything!  But really?

Sarthak Paliwal Sarthak Paliwal 35 Min Read

The Realm of Color through art forms and creativity

“The colors live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas.” - Edvard Munch, Painter of ‘The Scream’ Colors are everywhere. In the first

Sanchari Sinha Roy Sanchari Sinha Roy 20 Min Read

Fierce Hearts: Unveiling India’s Women Warriors

Last year in a historical judgment by the Supreme Court of India, women in the Indian Armed Forces have been

Ankita Srivastav Ankita Srivastav 7 Min Read

How to Combat Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Who wouldn't prefer spending their time sharing some intimate moments with their partner? However, there are some risks attached to

Sreenidhi Sreenidhi 4 Min Read

India’s relationship with mango’s

The king of fruits, as they call it in india, are known to be widely popular across the country during

rajeshrbasu rajeshrbasu 6 Min Read

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Dr Vani Sood Dhindsa Director, NEET/CBSE, Vedantu


Aparupa Dey Nature & Wildlife Photographer


Samji Illustrator


Vaibhavlaxmi Jhala Fitness Trainer


Akanksha Digital Art Expert


Divija Bhasin Mental Health Therapists


Mohd Fazal Food Blogger

Reeti Sahai Marathoner l Entrepreneur


Rathika Ramasamy Wildlife Photographer


Navneet Travel Blogger

Rati Chaudhary Decor Blogger


Hemin Roy Master Teacher, Vedantu