Yoof October 2023



Socrates once said ‘it is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.’ Both the beauty and the strength of a man’s or a woman’s body is the by-product of an active interest in sports. I would like to be challenged on that.

For this month’s magazine on Sports, we look at the emerging careers in sports, how the emerging startups are transforming the sports industry, and give its due to the resilience of women athletes, in overcoming barriers.

We talk about how chess and life sometimes seem identical in their structure. We ray-wise our innate excellence with Dr. Siladitya Ray and rediscover the glory of traditional and ancient sports and whatnot in this issue dedicated to sports and sports players.

We hope that this issue instills you and inspires you to embark on the journey to push the beautiful and strong limits of our bodies.

Stay well and enjoy reading!


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