Yoof April 2023



In the world of White and Black, let’s explore the gray spot. This April Yoof presents you with”
Mithya” as our cover story and central theme of the April 2023 edition.
This time we put an extra effort to not only provide you with knowledge but also to give you perspective, to force you to think and reflect on your thoughts.
In the era of social media, when information is everywhere, misinformation travels faster. And often creates myths about various things. This April we try to debunk some of these myths to guide our youth better.
From myths related to careers and liberal arts to the science behind optical illusions, we tried to cover all for you.
We take it as our responsibility to save youth from misconceptions and false beliefs. Being it about body positivity or making you aware of learned helplessness, we believe to deliver the best possible knowledge to you.

Happy reading!


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