Frank Herbert, the creator of the great Dune trilogy once wrote that ‘Knowing where the trap is – that’s the first step in evading it.’ Sounds like a simple enough idea. Not hard to execute at all. So, in order to prove Herbert’s lines true, Yoof’s September 2022 Issue decided to raise the theme of ‘Traps’ and the various connotations associated with it. The term was explored with respect to academics, social media, body image dissatisfaction, the race for fame and materialistic gains, and many more. Aspects of today’s society like fashion and technology were assessed to be either liberator from traps or vicious traps in themselves. Most importantly, the cover story, Freeing ourselves from Traps with Artists, delves into how art becomes a medium of uplifting oneself and getting out of the trap of monotony, boredom, and anxiety of daily life. This issue is about making the youth aware of the traps and guiding them through a way of getting out of them or avoiding them altogether.


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