Yoof Vol 2 Issue 1 | August 2022



Nature, as well as society, are going through a climax period of crisis. This is the time to stop thinking lazily, and start doing whatever we can do for a better future. Sustainability is the only way to reach. That is why Yoof delved deeply into the layers of ‘Sustainability’ for its August 2022 edition. ‘Heroes of Sustainability’, the cover story of this edition, is a salute to the young activists fighting for nature. Yoof is glad to bring its creative, innovative, and inspiring footprints in front of you. Here are interviews of the green warriors who will lead us to a better future. We have done enough research and calculations on how to change. It is time for action. Follow those who are leading the way. The August edition explores multiple meanings of the word, ‘sustainability’. From ‘Sustainability of Relationships’ to ‘Sustainable Fashion’- the area is large and diverse. The Images of reputed photographers have enriched this issue with colors and creations. Cheers to all of them!


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