Yoof Vol 1 Issue 11 |June 2022



In the humid heat of June, the street dogs try to find comfort under the shadow of a closed shop, the crows take baths in the overflowed water of an apartment tank, and students lose count of their post-exam holidays. With all these enjoyments and emptiness, June is the month of leisure, of vacation. That is why Yoof has chosen ‘Vacation’ as its June 2022 Edition theme. In the cover story of this edition, ‘The Musings of Musafirs’ we have tried to capture the lives of professional travelers, travel bloggers, and travel photographers. Vacation inevitably leads us to the thought of traveling. This article will guide us to the world of travel from the experienced eyes. It would give us a refreshed feeling in the monotonous heat of this June, just like a vacation. The Yoof June 2022 Edition articles are as diverse as the taste of vacation itself. There are refreshing articles about vacation-related classic books and popular movies and student-friendly articles. This June, discover your vacation with Yoof!