There are times when a specific tune or music stays inside your mind and it plays on repeat over and over in your head. In the world we live in today there is such a great need for effective strategies to reduce levels of stress on a daily basis. Using stress relief with music isn’t a new concept. It’s a concept that’s sometimes not used to its full benefit. 

Today, everyone has a playlist and it is said that you can judge a person even with the choice of music they like to listen to. Music is not only something you like to listen to but is also a therapy in today’s stressful lifestyle. Being able to relieve stress through the power of music can be a powerful way to relax. This is because sound can have a profound effect on both the body and emotions.

Music has the power to make you laugh, cry and even make you groove with beats. It is a powerful tool for the mind itself as music is most used while meditating and exercising.

To explain it simply sound in music affects several areas of the brain. These areas include memory, attention, planning and movement. Listening to music also causes changes in brain chemistry to occur. This is true, especially when we listen to music we enjoy. This causes a release of the chemical dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical messenger that sends feelings of enjoyment and pleasure.

We get a positive vibe every time we listen to the sound of a guitar or a trumpet or even a saxophone.

The tempo of the music has a big impact on what we feel and react. Both slower and higher tempo music can be a big help in achieving stress relief. Slower tempo sounds can have the effect of relaxing the muscles and quietening the mind. Higher tempo can have the effect of increased positivism and optimism about life.

There are even studies out there that suggest heavy metal and other forms of extreme music may actually make you calmer. Helping purge emotions like anger and depression.

There are various benefits of listening to music for a person suffering from anxiety or depression as well. Music has the power to reduce muscle tension and it also reduces anxiety. There is an emotional release and one feels free from unwanted stress. Listening to music while doing exercise gives you motivation and energy to perform much better than without music. It is a fact that meditation has a positive effect on the mind and body of a person and when meditation is done with some music you get great results.

The reason behind it is that you are focusing on music rather than anything that brings stress to your mind. While there is music for every mood and taste there are some tunes that give you goosebumps. They stick to your mind for a long time and it becomes a routine for many that they start their day by listening to some music or even singing while taking a shower.

Music is definitely a stress reliever but everyone has a different taste in music. Some like rock, some jazz and some are fans of pop or R&B genres. You can never get bored with music and you can never dislike listening to music. It is clear that music and stress relief is a personal choice of the types of music we enjoy listening. This may involve some experimentation to what is most relaxing. This is no bad thing to do, as you may then listen to a new music genre you discover to find relaxing. Music is a self healing practice for a calm mind and a positive soul.

Share your favorite genre and write to us how music has helped you in life.