We associate money with happiness. We also know that time is money and we have time but we don’t know how to spend it in a way that we get the same happiness we get while spending money. If you want to know, answer yourself a few questions! 

1. What do you want? Accumulation of money and assets or fullness of life ? 

2. How do you want your life to be? Do you want to earn money till you are sixty and enjoy life after that or do you want to enjoy your life while earning money? 

If both of your answers are the latter, then you understand how to work only when you need money. This is known as ‘Gig Worker’.


Gig worker implies that you are not a permanent employee but a permanent temporary employee. Not just for one organization, but for many organizations, who want to pay you to buy your talent. And then you enjoy, take time off and enjoy for the time being with the money you earned until you need money, then you again go to work. Gig workers mostly work on a project basis, and do their chores. At the same time, you also need to  continuously upgrade yourself with newer technologies and updates, add them to their CV and get handsome stipends. In the USA and Europe, about 20-30% of the economically active population are gig workers.


Many of the bollywood actors as well as directors are gig workers themselves. They do films only when their bank balance starts going down. It may sound bizarre, but this is their way of life. In their free time, they fulfill their desires and do other stuff,  and get a new hobby or go for a long vacation.For example, Nana Patekar approaches producers for a role only when he has to buy something or when he’s in need of money.

You can also work for the same company on different projects and be a ‘dependent giger’. This is not to be confused with free-lancing which is a different thing. A gig worker does not run entirely their own businesses and maintain ties with some parent company structure. Their marketing is typically done by the company that runs on gig platforms. So, they are  tied to the parent company and how their platforms are built. Depending on the skills and knowledge, a gig worker doesn’t get affected even in the times of pandemic.  They live life to the fullest. 

While the advantages and flexibility of work while being your own boss idea is tempting, it does not necessarily outweigh the disadvantages such as inconsistent pay and loss of benefits, compared to fixed jobs. However, it all depends on the individuals who want to test a new job and add some amount of extra income to their bottom line every season.


If you know how to spend time, then you can enjoy your earning more than 200%. It doesn’t depend on what your income is!