If you are an Indian school going student who has grown up watching TV shows and Bollywood movies that show college to be super-fun places with lots of games, activities, chilling with friends and obviously, no studies ever, you must be holding very high expectations for your college life as well right? You must be imagining yourself walking through the gates of the college campus in full fashion-mode glamor and getting all the gazes to yourself. You must be imagining meeting super-chill seniors and classmates with whom you could make a  lifetime of memories during your college years. Also, you must be wishing for someone to run into you and you, having a slow-mo moment with that person and then….


Well, while we cannot say that college will be everything you have imagined nor will we say it won’t be any fun, we would like to give you some friendly advice that can help you choose your college where you pave a path for your future and also create wonderful memories. The tips and suggestions we offer to you are going to be helpful for you in both online and offline college experience because they are hard, reality-based truths so if you are brave and courageous enough, read on!


For many students, this idea of ‘Choosing’ their own college doesn’t necessarily exist because the career they are planning to step into involves entrance exams and allocations according to their ranks or percentages. But for many students, this choice becomes possible when they are taking admission in universities like Delhi University or a private college like Amity University, Galgotia University, or LPU. In such cases, it is of utmost importance that a student looks at each and every aspect of their college life in order to choose what’s best for them. 


Below, we have given a list of things you should consider while looking for colleges –

  • Course and Department

Of course, it should be your first and foremost priority to check out your course and department. The faculty of a college, the syllabus, the teaching method, everything will have an important role to play in determining how well you accommodate to your course in the coming three/four years. Your course should be fulfilling all the requirements you have for your future dream career. The syllabus for the various semesters should expose you to different aspects of the field you are going into and also have enough practical experiences to get you truly know about the field in detail. The faculty, i.e., the teachers also improve the learning experience a great deal. While there is no way to assess teachers’ teaching methods before actually being part of college, you can approach some of the college students and get their feedback about it.

Overall, colleges love to boast about their most accomplished department so simple brochures of a college can easily tell which department is the best in their college so that it can easily guide you while deciding your dream college. 

  • Placement Opportunities

Even if at Bachelor’s level, not many courses can yield good placement opportunities to students, one should always look at the kind of companies or organizations a college is able to attract for its students. Placement opportunity is a very important factor and again, the college brochures or websites love to highlight these facts. So, keep your eyes on these things as well. 

  • Cultural Events

Of course, we have talked about studies and placements but those two are not the only reason why one attends college. After living with strict rules and regulations of schools, you want to have fun, live a life, if we can say. And what’s better than college’s cultural events to create beautiful memories. Every college holds pride in their cultural events. Students work for months to create the perfect event that could make people think, ‘Wow, that’s a wonderful college!’. Delhi University’s almost every college is mostly known by the kind of cultural event or Fest they create. Be it Hindu College’s “Mecca”, SRCC’s “Crossroads”, Gargi College’s “Reverie”, or Hansraj’s “Confluence”, students of all colleges across Delhi University wait for these events, the games, competitions and most importantly, the celebrity events. Famous singers like Jubin Nautiyal, Ankit Tiwari, etc. have been seen in some famous cultural fests of DU so if you wish to live wonderful moments with your friends while being in college, keep the point of ‘Cultural events’ in your mind as well while looking for your ‘dream college’.

Image Source: SO DELHI


  • Societies and Clubs

If you were a student in school who was very much active in all sorts of extracurricular activities – from dance, music, to poetry, arts and drama, maybe, this point is something that you have to consider before choosing your college. Societies and clubs are a big part of college life and one can become a part of more than one society in college if they like it. Societies give you a chance to meet like-minded people who have similar interests and preferences as you and even give you opportunities to showcase your talents and gain some fame. Besides being a great socializing center, societies also look good on your Resumes as they show your extra talents, and in today’s time, people always look for individuals with versatile interests and talents. Also, societies hone your management and leadership skills in life. So, whether you might be interested in Theatre societies, Dance or Music societies or societies working for a social cause like Enactus, you can always find your interest in your college and develop it further.

Image Source: SO DELHI

Image Source: TANZ, Dance society of Miranda College, DU

  • Campus Life

This point might hurt some students emotionally, those who feel their college life has been wasted while sitting in front of their screens attending virtual lectures. But keeping an optimistic approach towards life, we hope that at least in one year of your college life, you get a chance to visit your campus physically and enjoy that part of college too. The infrastructure and random ‘hanging-out’ spots of college too contribute to a great college experience. 

Image Source: IndiaEducation.net

  • Accommodation

If you plan to study in a different city, this factor will be a crucial one to decide your college. When the online college will end and physical methods will resume, you will face the issue of accommodation. While many colleges provide hostel services, many do not and students have to look for PGs and other forms of accommodation. It is important that one must check in advance the localities near the college in order to be prepared for the issue of accommodation.

  • Commutation

If you don’t want to waste a  large part of your day traveling from your home or hostel to your college every day, make sure you find a college that is not too far from your residential area. Even if you have to choose a college which is slightly far away, try finding easy, cheap and fast ways of transportation to save your time which you can invest in attending lectures or doing work for your college societies. Students in Delhi often rely on Metros or Bus service for easy transportation!

  • Libraries

You may consider us huge nerds for pointing this out but whatever you say, this point is important too. Many colleges feel immense pride about having libraries with thousands of books from all sorts of national and international publications. The quality and kind of books a college library has again hinted towards the academic prowess of the department. So, while doing a visit to your college, do try to get a glimpse of the library as well.


After giving you so much about college life and experiences, all we would like to say is College is a completely new and unique experience, and how you experience it will depend on you only. How much you socialize, how much you interact with others, etc. everything will be your choice. J.P. Sartre, a famous philosopher once said, ‘We are our choices’ and I believe in college life, this quote holds true the most.